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Luisa Cortado - Zen Coach for Creatives

August 7, 2017





I'll be honest - I didn't know quite what to expect when I booked Luisa Cortado, an experienced Zen Coach with a specialisation working with creatives and young people. I like to take chances when thinking about the direction to take the agency, and this was a gamble that really paid off.


Luisa's session was was fabulous. Tears, break throughs, a solid bit of healing, it was all happening tonight. While sharing and talking about our current creative situations, Luisa guided us through cutting through the 'noise' of the everyday to find the stillness that can lead to a release, which can in turn connect us to a potent form of creative potential. 


On the way home for the first time in ages I was brimming with ideas for a new stand up show which I think will be called 'A Bowl of Nachos'. I digress..


Thank you to all the members that came with openness and honesty, making it one of the most memorable meetings to date.


Luisa will return to join us again at a later date, so further opportunities to work with her coming up for all here at the agency. Big thumbs up for Zen work!

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