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Cydney & Mark - Creative Coaching

June 1, 2017


We're thrilled to be working with Coaches Cydney Uffindell-Phillips and Mark Bixter. Both have lead careers in the arts and are trained life coaches. With experience of working with performers, directors and creatives across the arts, they have a shared vision of delivering quality life coaching to those working in the creative industries.

Their respective backgrounds mean they are uniquely placed to understand the challenges of maintaining a successful career, while staying motivated when everything feels out of your control.

Particularly impressves for me is that as coaches they work to enable people to reach their full potential, using performance life coaching techniques to give freelance artists the tools to act as small business owners and entrepreneurs with themselves as the key product. They believe that to be a successful business you must establish a ‘brand’, to clarify what you do, what you offer, and what your mission, vision and purpose is. When you, as an artist, have clarity on what your ‘brand’ is, your passion shines through. In an industry as challenging, competitive and rewarding as the arts, we believe clarity of 'brand' encourages others to trust in and be inspired by your product (you), making it much easier for others to invest in you.

Mark & Cydney are now part of a team of Creative Coaches providing ongoing support in the form of group Coaching workshops to the Artistes Collective community. The group coaching works through peer to peer learning, allowing every member of the group to benefit from the collective wisdom of the room.


Their first session in June 2017 focused on 'Freelance Brand Discovery - Identifying Strengths and Passions'.

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